AngelLift Dermalips – The Hottest New Lip Plumping Treatment to Hit the Beauty Market

AngelLift Dermalips – The Hottest New Lip Plumping Treatment to Hit the Beauty Market

Looking to increase lip volume with just a swipe of a brush? Check out AngelLift Dermalips, a new lip volumizer that plumps the lips without filler injections or lip implants. Dermalips is a collagen based lip plumping volumizer that enhances the results of AngelLift Dermastrips, since regular usage of Dermastrips reduces laugh lines, smoker and vertical lines, and adds lip volume. Dermalips is designed to work in conjunction with AngelLift Dermastrips to improve lip volume, but also works on its own to rid the lips of dead skin cells and to stimulate natural collagen growth for fuller, healthier, more vibrant lips.

And there are no mystery ingredients here. Dermalips contains natural, high quality, results-oriented ingredients such as collagen peptides, organic Babassu oil, fine exfoliators and Vitamin E. Easy to apply—with no excessive stickiness or stinging from potential irritants like cinnamon or capsicum—Dermalips coats lips with a pleasant citrus taste and imparts an attractive glossy sheen to the lips. With continued use, Dermalips users will experience lip hydration, consistent exfoliation and a noticeable increase in lip fullness, without the unnatural look injections can sometimes give.

This welcome addition to the AngelLift product line gives AngelLift’s traditional customer base a specialized lip product to enhance the results of AngelLift Dermastrips. Dermalips also offers the younger customer interested in lip enhancement a natural route to increased lip volume. Let Dermalips do double duty and skip the lip gloss—use Dermalips for both glossiness and volume!

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