AngelLift Does Not Use Auto-shipments or Subscriptions

AngelLift Does Not Use Auto-shipments or Subscriptions!

At AngelLift, everything is a one-time purchase, so you just order what you need, when you need it. We don't believe in auto-shipments or hidden subscriptions! AngelLift Dermastrips users are pleasantly surprised when they find out the ease in ordering AngelLift, because it has no auto-ship or hidden programs for which to sign up. Many skincare users who order skincare or beauty products online often encounter an unexpected unpleasant surprise when ordering a new product: auto-ship programs, also known as auto-renewal programs.

Unfortunately, though these companies frame their auto-ship programs as a benefit, allowing you to “enjoy” maintaining a continuous working supply of your favorite products, when that’s not always the case. An auto-ship program gives you an automatic delivery schedule, usually monthly or every two months. You get billed for your first shipment and, after payment is confirmed, your order will be shipped to you. Subsequent shipments will be billed to your credit card. Though this may seem convenient, there are several drawbacks to an auto-ship program, especially for skincare.

1. You don’t finish the product or you have product left over by the time your product ships again. This means you run out of product, losing its benefits OR you have more than you need, leading to waste of product and/or money.

2. You often sign up for an auto-ship program without knowing you’ve signed up, because you need to “uncheck” a small box in order to not be signed up for the program. Several large well-known brands out there (including those sold on infomercials or shopping networks) have a check box when you check out that you have to 'uncheck' to remove yourself from being billed every 30 or 60 days. By the time you notice, your credit card has been charged again, and the fine print usually states you need to give the company at least 30 days’ notice or more to cancel.

3. Other brands, at check out, try to dazzle you with all of the free gifts you get with your purchase and the supposed savings. They have their 'beauty renewal program' hidden in the small print below all the good news. It’s very easy to miss this and suddenly you find yourself receiving another package a month later with a corresponding charge to your credit card.

4. Additionally, beauty customers should exercise caution when accepting free trial offers that ask for your credit card info. They all lead to an auto-renewal or subscription.

In most of the above cases, once you have realized you are in an auto ship program, you can’t just call your bank or credit card company to reverse or remove the charges; You have to go back to the merchant and have them 'update' your account and hopefully issue refunds etc. This often takes 30-60 days, so again, you’ll still be receiving product, and still continue to be charged until your account is updated.

At AngelLift, everything is a one-time purchase, so you just order what you need when you need it. We don't believe in auto-shipments. Nobody who orders from AngelLift will ever been placed into an auto-shipment program and there are no hidden programs users opt into unwittingly. The ease in ordering and effectiveness of AngelLift Dermastrips in diminishing wrinkles around the mouth and lips makes it one of the world’s most popular anti-aging devices on the beauty market.

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