AngelLift Microfibre PH: Exfoliator in a Little Tablet

AngelLift Microfibre PH: Exfoliator in a Little Tablet

When customers order the AngelLift Starter Set or Complete Set, not only do they get the surgical grade Dermastrips to reduce laugh lines and smoker lines around the mouth and to naturally boost lip volume, they also get a free gift of a Microfibre pH cleansing towelette packet. The Microfibre pH is a sturdy cleansing towelette that removes makeup, oil and dirt without drying out the skin or being too harsh. Plus, this hard-working little towelette doesn’t contain any ingredients that can cause premature aging such as alcohol or soap. Since exfoliation is a key part of any good skin care routine, the Microfibre pH fits into your routine easily.

Microfibre pH is a cotton microfibre towelette compressed to a tablet that’s a fraction of its normal size. Once the tablet is moistened, it expands to over 100 times its size. A box of AngelLift Microfibre pH contains 16 compressed sterile tablets, each in its own sterile sealed pouch, making them perfect for travel or easy storage.

To activate your Microfibre pH, just remove a tablet from its pouch and either drop it in a small amount of water or run it gently under running water. Within seconds, the tablet will start to expand. Shake the towelette as it expands to its full size. Use your Microfibre pH to clean your face, slough off dead skin cells and reduce pore size. You can use it by itself, with your favorite face wash or to take off any mask or peel easily.

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