AngelLift Prescriptive: The Ultimate Weapon Against Lower Face Aging

AngelLift Prescriptive: The Ultimate Weapon Against Lower Face Aging

AngelLift Dermastrips customers who’ve tried AngelLift Personal or AngelLift Professional—and who are happy with the results—but still want the absolute maximum customized lower facial lifting capabilities available turn to AngelLift Prescriptive. Only available at certified dentists, this revolutionary lower face lifting system gives those concerned with lines around the lips and mouth even more dramatic results.

As the name denotes, AngelLift Prescriptive is the customized version of AngelLift Dermastrips. It’s is the only removable oral implant capable of adding volume and augmenting facial contours. As AngelLift Prescriptive attaches to your teeth, a doctor visit is necessary to create a custom mold of your teeth and gum line.

The gentle, customized pressure of the oral implant rejuvenates collagen that naturally breaks down over time. With regular use, skin reacts quickly and permanently to lifting beneath the surface, creating smoother, younger and tighter skin, with the added benefit of naturally increased lip volume. AngelLift Prescriptive allows a custom fit, leading to quicker and more significant results.

The AngelLift Prescriptive removable oral implant is placed inside the mouth, between the lip and gums, for 30 minutes daily. When used as directed, it’s clinically tested to significantly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the mouth, without injections or surgery.

The AngelLift full line of luxury, anti-aging beauty devices and skin care also includes Dermasome, an intensely hydrating natural serum and the brand new Dermalips collagen-infused lip plumper. The AngelLift beauty devices and products work synergistically to create a multi-pronged approach to address the aging of the lower face.

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