AngelLift's Shopper Approved Rating

AngelLift, makers of Dermastrips,the clinically proven skincare device that reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the mouth and lips is proud of its 4.8-star rating on With over 10K reviews (and almost 9K 5-star ones), AngelLift is pleased to offer a non-invasive solution to lower facial aging.

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Here are some verified AngelLift reviews:

“Very professional service all the way, from order to delivery date, the web site is very informative and easy to understand. After one week using my Angel Lift I have already started to see the results. Thank you!”

Dania B. | Submitted 15 September 2015

“I have been using AngelLift now for more than 4 months. Loving the results and the positive feedback from friends and family. It’s not an instant fix, just like any other regime, you need to stay committed and you will see your skin around your mouth soften and lines start to fade away. I wear mine twice a day for around 15 to minutes a time. Morning and evening when relaxing or catching up at home.”

Sarah | Submitted 14 May 2015

“It actually arrived before promised. LOVE the moisturizer, cleansing clothes were very inventive and cleaned very well, the lip gloss feels great. I'm looking forward to results. Very happy with initial impression”

Karen H. | Submitted 26 May 2016

AngelLift’s impressive 4.8-star rating shows that they cares about the customer and about the his or her experience with their customer service and with their product. AngelLift’s live support and friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives assist customers with any questions or concerns they have, either before or after a purchase. And when customers purchase either the AngelLift Starter Kit or AngelLift Complete Kit, they automatically get free Priority shipping. There’s more: AngelLift’s Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee and 60-Day Money Back Guarantee give customers peace of mind when purchasing.

AngelLift Dermastrips is a subdermal technology discovery that offers a non-invasive way to lift out lower facial lines and wrinkles - naturally. AngelLift helps replace the pressure lost through age and adds volume under the skin in a natural and painless way. The Dermastrips help replace the pressure you lose as your gums naturally recede. Skin reacts quickly to lifting beneath the surface, creating smoother, younger, and tighter looking skin.

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