Christina’s AngelLift Journey Week 2

Christina’s AngelLift Journey Week 2

Hi, all! This is my second blog post reporting on my AngelLift journey and how the AngelLift Dermastrips are working for me and for my laugh lines (or naso-labial lines, as they call them in the cosmetic industry) that have been deepening over the past decade. Not only was I concerned about my laugh lines, but also about volume loss underneath my lips—leading to shadowing and the beginnings of marionette lines. AND mention thinning lips. This getting older thing isn’t pretty, literally.

At this point, I’ve been using the AngelLift Dermastrips, along with the Microfibre cleansing cloth and Dermasome gel serum for 10 days. I’ve increased my wear time from 10-15 minutes for the first few days to the recommended 30 minutes a day. The more you wear the Dermastrips, the more comfortable it gets. It doesn’t mean that you’ll forget you’re wearing them, but that you’re not as aware of them as you are when you first start the AngelLift process.

What I had noticed when I first started what that my lines looked a little better and my lips looked bigger for a couple of minutes after I took the Dermastrips out. Now that I’m been using AngelLift for a week and a half, and I’ve been using them for the full 30 minutes, that result is lasting longer—half hour to an hour versus a few minutes. It’s really encouraging! I’ve started wearing them while getting ready to go out in the evening, because even though an hour doesn’t sound like a lot of time, it still gives me more confidence in my appearance when going out to dinner or drinks with friends.

It’s really exciting to see the Dermastrips actually working and “pushing out” my lines from the inside out! I hope to have more good news for you on my “AngelLifting” experience.

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