Christina’s AngelLift Journey Week Five

Christina’s AngelLift Journey Week Five

Christina here, reporting on Day 32 of my AngelLift journey. It’s been almost five weeks since I started using the AngelLift Dermastrips to help reduce my laugh lines and the beginnings of marionette lines—the wrinkles extending down the corners of my mouth, also known as puppet lines since they resemble the lines on a puppet’s face. The area underneath my chin was losing volume and wasn’t supporting my mouth as well as it used to in my 20s, which made lipstick not look as good.

I’ve been using the AngelLift Dermastrips for 32 days, along with the Microfibre PH cleansing towelettes and Dermasome gel serum that come in the AngelLift Complete set, for two days more than the minimum 30 days AngelLift recommends. I started with 10-15 minutes a day for the first week, but now I’ve consistently been using the Dermastrips for the recommended 30 minutes a day for the last three weeks.

And what have I noticed? A subtle, yet permanent change in the volume of my lower face, including a noticeable reduction in my laugh lines, and increase in volume underneath my mouth, a clearing of the shadowing where marionette lines were beginning to form AND plumper lips! I was really surprised that my lip size increased as much as it did. The entire area around my mouth seems firmer and fuller. I’m thrilled with the results so far!

Consistency is key! Just like exercise to keep your body in shape and regular hair cuts and color to keep your hair fresh, AngelLift Dermastrip usage requires a commitment, though it’s easy to do. Just wear them for 30 minutes a day while online, watching TV or even on your morning commute. AngelLift recommends an initial 30-60 days of daily use to get the best results, and I plan on continuing to 60 days to get the best results possible.

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