Christina’s AngelLift Journey Week Four

Christina’s AngelLift Journey Week Four

I can’t believe it, but this is my FOURTH blog post reporting on my AngelLift journey. It’s been almost four weeks since I started using the AngelLift Dermastrips to help reduce my smile lines that extend down from my nose to the side of my mouth that have been deepening over the last decade. I also wanted to counteract the beginnings of marionette lines (the wrinkles extending down the corners of my mouth) since I started seeing some shadowing there due to volume loss. Fillers are not yet an option—I wanted to see how AngelLift Dermastrips would work first. Always try something noninvasive first!

At this point, I’ve been using the AngelLift Dermastrips, along with the Microfibre PH cleansing towelettes and Dermasome gel serum for 25 days, just five days shy of the minimum 30 days AngelLift recommends (though I intend on wearing them daily for 60 days). I had started with 10-15 minutes a day, initially, but my wear time has been the recommended 30 minutes a day for the past couple of weeks or so. The more you wear the AngelLift Dermastrips, the more comfortable they feel. It feels like part of my nightly routine now. The process has naturally become part of my beauty routine, since it’s easy to keep them in while washing my face and applying serums and creams. I’ve even worn them in the shower!

Now that I’m been using AngelLift for almost four weeks, I’ve noticed a permanent change in my lines and lips! My laugh lines seem to be pushed out from underneath and my lips are definitely plumper, not in a “duck lips” kind of way, but in a natural sort of way. AngelLift recommends an initial 30-60 days of daily use to get the best results, and I’m only at 25! I took before photos and will take afters in a couple of weeks, probably at the 45-day mark. Thanks for following my AngelLift journey and quest for reducing lines around my mouth without running to the plastic surgeon’s office.

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