Does AngelLift Work?

Does AngelLift Work?

Many beauty-conscious consumers have asked this question when they find out about AngelLift Dermastrips, the revolutionary beauty device that “lifts” the lower face and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth – laugh lines and smoker lines—and enhances lip volume naturally. The answer is YES. But how does AngelLift work? AngelLift works by providing gentle pressure to the lower face when worn between the gums and the upper OR lower lip. (Placement depends on which lines you’re most concerned about. You can treat lines in both areas, but not at the same time.)

As we age, our gums recede. That, combined with repeated movements, created aesthetically unpleasing loss of volume and deepening of lines around the mouth. Also, our lips lose volume as we age. Not a pretty sight! Until recently, the only solution was expensive and temporary fillers and injections. Now with AngelLift on the market, beauty mavens have a new secret weapon in their beauty arsenals! And this secret weapon is clinically tested to work. An independent clinical study available on the website shows there were statistically significant improvements in the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth from baseline at Day 30 post-treatment.” Additionally, “There was a directionally significant decrease in the number of wrinkles at 30 days post-treatment.”

It almost seems too simple, but hundreds of thousands of women worldwide who’ve been using AngelLift Dermastrips can’t be wrong. They just pop in the Dermastrips for 30 minutes while reading, surfing the Internet or watching TV. After 30 days—the recommended minimum period of time—voila! Laugh lines are diminished, smoker lines seem to disappear and lips retain their youthful volume. AngelLift users have said, “After about a week, I noticed a difference in my upper lip. I was so surprised!.” “My age really started to show around my mouth area. I’ve tried all sorts of creams. Nothing seems to work like the Dermastrips. I can’t believe it’s this simple.”

The increasing popularity of AngelLift as a viable alternative to fillers, in addition to confirmation of AngelLift’s effectiveness in an independent study affirmatively answers the question, “Does AngelLift work?” Yes!

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