Finding Your Signature Fragrance

What is a signature fragrance? Just like your signature, it's a scent unique to you. For Marilyn Monroe it was Chanel #5. For your grandmother, it may have been a vintage rose scent that reminds you of your childhood and her amazing hugs. A signature fragrance defines your essence, your spirit. For some, it’s a light, fruity scent. For others, it’s a sensual musk that draws men in like flies.

How do you find your own signature fragrance?

There are several things to consider:

1) your lifestyle: is it active and sporty, focussed on nightlife, or are you running after kids all day?

2) How sensitive you are to scent–are you overly sensitive to most ordinary scents or is your sense of scent dull?

3) How you want to be perceived –capable, sexy, the girl next door, the no-nonsense business woman?

After answering these questions, head to the perfume counter and pick up a wide variety of sample scents–from light and fruity to heavier florals. Wear a different one each day and see how you feel and how people react to you. Are you overwhelmed by your own scent? Does it fit your lifestyle? Has anyone commented or complained about it? More importantly, how do you feel while wearing that particular scent? Wear each scent for a few hours to see if it fades completely, or if it transforms into something less (or more) pleasing. When one fits, you’ll know it. And with the sheer volume of scents out there, you’re sure to find your own signature fragrance that defines you.

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