Face Facial Products For Your Brows

A great set of eyebrows does so much for your face: it defines it, slims it and beautifies it. But how do you get good brows if you’ve over-plucked or have been blessed with less-than-lush brows? Luckily, with the plethora of products—both medical and cosmetic—even ladies with sparse, thin brows can sport today’s fashionable face-defining feature. Here are a few steps to turn your brows from sad to rad.

  1. To see where you need volume, brush your eyebrows up with a mascara-type brush. Brush the entire length of your brows.
  2. Use a shadow (try one from renowned eyebrow guru Anastasia Beverly Hills who created several brow products, including pencils and shadows) to fill in bald spots, carefully following the natural arch of your brows.
  3. Use an eyebrow pencil to add definition to the inner front area and the tails.
  4. Carefully pluck any stray hairs that are far above or below your brows.
  5. Apply a clear eyebrow gel to set your brows to keep them supermodel perfect all day.

What if you want to grow your own brows and only use products occasionally or avoid them altogether? There are several products on the market that purportedly grow eyebrows like Latisse (usually for eyelashes) and RevitaBrow (by the makers of RevitaLash). And don’t forget DIY methods: Some swear by applying castor oil and coconut oil and massaging into the brows for a few minutes, leaving on overnight and washing off in the morning.

Whether you use cosmetic products, medical brow growth products or go the DIY route, a little attention paid to your brows will give you the full, sexy brows that will give you a modern, youthful look.

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