How Do You Use AngelLift Dermastrips?

How Do You Use AngelLift Dermastrips?

The term “beauty device” strikes fear into women’s hearts, making them envision complicated, time-consuming painful practices. Not so with AngelLift Dermastrips. Though they are a clinically tested beauty device, Dermastrips ease of use and simplicity combined with their effectiveness gives reason for their worldwide popularity.

When you order AngelLift Dermastrips Personal, your purchase includes two, reversible Dermastrips, which can be worn with either side facing outward, as long as the imprinted angel wings point up. Place only one Dermastrip inside your mouth, between the upper or lower lip and gums, just above the teeth. They slide easily into position. Don’t worry if they overlap your teeth slightly as they will still be highly effective. And just wear one Dermastrip at a time (top or bottom). And if you want to treat both lips, wear the Dermastrips consecutively, one after the other.

At first, it might feel a bit strange to have the Dermastrip inside your mouth, but the longer you wear it, the more comfortable you’ll feel. Wear your AngelLift Dermastrips when you’re relaxing, watching TV, checking your email, reading a book or bathing. Just don’t use your Dermastrips when drinking, eating, talking or sleeping.

Depending on your age, condition of your skin and general lifestyle habits (like water intake, nutrition, smoking, etc.) you should see a visible change within 30 to 60 days of daily use. Wear Dermastrips 10-30 minutes each day for at least 30 days. After 30 days, scale back treatment to once a week. Once you have reached your desired appearance, maintaining your new look will not require as much wear time, but everyone is different and you will want to adjust daily or weekly “AngelLifting” time accordingly.

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