How to Maintain Your AngelLift Dermastrips Line Lifting Results

How to Maintain Your AngelLift Dermastrips Line Lifting Results

AngelLift Dermastrips have changed faces around the world by diminishing the lines around the mouth due to aging gum recession and wrinkles from repetitive movement like smoking and drinking out of straws! Not to mention changing faces by increasing lip volume lost with age!

Quite a few of our happy AngelLift Dermastrip users ask us how to maintain their results. Like everything (hair, exercise, skincare usage) AngelLift Dermastrip results need to be maintained. After using the Dermastrips daily for a minimum of 30 minutes a day for 30-60 days (stopping any sooner will diminish results, so keep up with wearing your Dermastrips), wear your AngelLift Dermastrips just once or twice a week. Each person is different, so adjust your “AngelLifting” regime accordingly. Not a bad time investment for getting a lower facelift without injections or surgery!

What else helps maintain line-lifting results? AngelLift Dermasome, a specially designed hydrating and lifting serum, works in conjunction with the Dermastrips. This oil-free serum keeps your skin in optimal hydrated condition for your skin to react to the gentle pressure from the Dermastrips. This patented formula utilizes liposomal technology to apply active botanical extracts for dermal relaxation and treatment of age lines.

Another thing to remember: Just like your toothbrush, AngelLift Dermastrips needs to be replaced every 60 days(that’s with daily usage). As you switch to a maintenance regimen of once or twice a week, they need to be replaced less often.

Keep using AngelLift Dermastrips while taking other healthy lifestyle steps: taking a daily multivitamin, drinking lots of water and getting regular exercise. All of these things will stave off aging and ensure natural youthfulness (and fewer lines!).

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