Just Add Tinted SPF

As you may already know, sun protection is one of the most important things you can do for your skin. Excessive sun exposure can cause premature aging that results in wrinkling, sagging, hyperpigmentation, and on a more serious note, skin cancer.

Luckily, skincare products have come a long way when it comes to sun protection. And consumers have also become much more savvy when it comes to protecting their skin. From essential products like moisturizer to makeup like foundation, you can now find ample SPF in almost every skincare product.

Here are some of our favorite types of products that contain sun protection. There's no reason NOT to protect your skin from head to toe from the harmful rays of the sun!

1. Moisturizer - Finding tinted SPF in moisturizer is easy. Most major skincare brands (and lots of smaller ones) add sun protection to moisturizer, for a one-two moisturizing and protecting punch.

2. Primer - This oft-forgotten skincare step not only offers skin a perfect canvas for makeup, but can also add an extra layer of protection.

3. Concealer/Foundation - Coverage and guarding against aging UVA and UVB rays? Yes! Though quite a few concealers and foundations offer tinted SPF, make sure to choose one with at least SPF 15.

4. Hand Cream - Don't forget your hands! They're the most exposed part of your skin, especially while driving. If you want to avoid wearing driving gloves to keep your hands from wrinkling up, apply tinted SPF hand cream throughout the day.

5. Body Lotion - Especially important in the summer, when limbs are on full display, body lotions with tinted SPF can protect skin all over your body. Apply liberally before heading out.

6. Pressed Powder - Though we don't recommend you solely use pressed powder as a form of sun protection, they do add an extra layer of protection to any makeup or moisturizers.

7. Lip Balm - Lips can get sunburned, too! Get a good lip balm with at least tinted moisturizer SPF 30 and reapply at least a few times a day.

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