Reasons to Use AngelLift

Reasons to Use AngelLift

Maybe you’ve noticed your lower face “sinking in” and not looking as voluminous as it used to. Or your laugh lines (also known as naso-labial folds) are deepening and you’re not sure why they’re called laugh lines, since you’re not laughing about them. And perhaps years of pursing your lips because of straw usage or smoking created multiple little vertical lines all around your lips. You’re considering different options from injections to lasers and even to surgery.

AngelLift Dermastrips offers those interested in maintaining a youthful face an easier and safer alternative. There are multiple reasons to use AngelLift Dermastrips to reduce wrinkles and lines around your mouth and lips.

  1. AngelLift Dermastrips are made from a hypoallergenic surgical grade resin, meaning no allergic reactions or side effects.
  2. Dermastrips replace the pressure lost as your gums naturally recede with age, helping to tighten and smooth the skin.
  3. When used as directed, Dermastrips “lift out” laugh lines and diminish the vertical smoker lines around your mouth.
  4. AngelLift Dermastrips require no needles or injections of foreign substances into your face. This also means no side effects like puffiness or uneven results.
  5. There are three different levels of AngelLift: Personal, Professional and Prescriptive. Each offers varying levels of results and lift customization.
  6. AngelLift is affordable and within reach of most consumers.
  7. AngelLift is easy to use. Just place in your mouth between the gums and lips for the recommended amount of time, relax, and voila—you’re on your way to a smoother face!

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