The Science Behind How AngelLift Dermastrips Work

The Science Behind How AngelLift Dermastrips Work

Many women interested in the age-defying, lower-face lifting qualities of AngelLift Dermastrips all have one question: How does it work? In a nutshell, Dermastrips help replace the pressure you lose as your gums naturally recede. Skin reacts quickly to lifting beneath the surface, creating smoother, younger, and tighter skin.

As we age, we lose volume in our lower faces because our gums recede and we experience bone loss due to aging. This leads to slackened jawlines, jowl development, marionette lines, laugh lines and those pesky vertical lines above the lips caused by repeated pursing due to smoking and drinking out of straws.

AngelLift addresses the entire mouth area, where wrinkles and lines form due to this gum recession and repeated movement. By providing gentle pressure when worn between your lips and gums (either upper—for laugh and smoker lines—or lower—for marionette lines, but not both at the same time) AngelLift gently “lifts” from inside of your mouth using this gentle pressure which replaces the pressure lost from receding gums. Simple, but revolutionary!

And an independent clinical study tested AngelLift. The study states, “There were statistically significant improvements in the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth from baseline at Day 30 post-treatment.” Additionally, “There was a directionally significant decrease in the number of wrinkles at 30 days post-treatment.” Give AngelLift Dermastrips a minimum of 30 minutes for 30 days to achieve a noticeable, measurable result. Then enjoy diminished mouth wrinkles!

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