What Is AngelLift®?

What Is AngelLift?

Laugh lines and “smoker's mouth” are deep, noticeable wrinkles around the chin, mouth and cheeks. Contrary to common belief, they are not caused by the simple acts of smiling and holding objects with the lips. Their root causes are a breakdown of tissues inside the mouth (particularly in the gums), and the loss of cellular elasticity due to age.

AngelLift is a personal therapeutic system that restrengthens these tissues, while providing fullness of skin contours. Muscular movement around the mouth from acts like, smiling, frowning, laughing, habitually drinking from straws, and nervous pulling causes noticeable lines. They only happen however, because there is sometimes insufficient fullness, cellular nutrient circulation, and age-related deficiencies in tissues.

AngelLift is a simple daily therapy that doesn't require painful procedures, harsh chemicals, or radical behavior changes. It is a 3-step system that can be performed while relaxing in a chair, working at a desk, or exercising.

The first step is a Microfibre PH cleansing. All areas with noticeable and troublesome wrinkles should be massaged with these cleaner pads. The non-caustic compounds contained in them gently and completely lifts all foreign material, dirt, make-up, and oil from the pores and surface of the skin. After the cleansing, the skin should be flushed with water and patted dry.

The second step is the application of Dermasome Moisturizer. As the appliance in step three is begins to work, this moisturizer channels helpful compounds to the layers of skin. It is the rejuvenation “fuel” that skin cells respond to while relearning how to naturally function. This aide helps restore the elements that create a visible difference between youthful skin, and skin that has been under the stress of life.

Step three is the application of AngelLift's patented Dermastrips. These lifts fit between the gums and the lip from the front of the mouth to the back molars. They create a boost for outer skin layers that would normally be supported by full tissue. They are extremely comfortable appliances that feel like the genuine contours and rises of the mouth when it had full tissue volume. In essence, AngelLift Dermastrips combined with the special moisturizer, gives relief to tired mouth and skin tissues. This allows them to fill-out according to the mouth's original construction.

Typically, the first course of action for people who are self-conscious about laugh lines, is a consultation with a plastic surgeon. Several harsh procedures are recommended to erase lines. Surgery does not rejuvenate and reteach the skin how to look. It only whisks away layers of skin. AngelLift literally gives skin and tissue cells the opportunity to fill-out naturally and take their intended shape. There are no incisions, chemical peels, derm-abrasion, lasers, or long recovery periods. AngelLift's technology can produce results will only 10-30 minutes of use each day. Not even conversations and social activities are interrupted while using AngelLift Dermastrips.

AngelLift is also universal for people with bridges, retainers, and partial or full dentures. As long as these appliances fit securely, Dermastrips with work as intended with ultimate comfort. Like any other routine for the enhancement of the body, AngelLift works with skin and mouth tissues in a sound manner to enhance appearances and allow them to stretch, cover, heal and beautify.

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