What Real Customers Say About AngelLift

What Real Customers Say About AngelLift

AngelLift Dermastrips offer women a noninvasive way to reduce wrinkles and lines around the mouth and lips. You’ve seen the photos, read the clinical study, but what do REAL AngelLift Dermastrip users say about their AngelLift experience? Read on for testimonials from some of our faithful users.

“After doing a lot of research and talking to my doctor, I really understand how Dermastrips work. Just like braces, you apply pressure – do it long enough and you see the effects. I’ve been using Dermastrips for 90 days, really starting to see a big difference.” - Lillian, Poway, CA

“I went to a doctor to see how much lip injections were going to cost. $560 per session! So glad I tried AngelLift first! No pain and I saved money.” - Elizabeth M.

“I’m so happy I tried AngelLift before getting fillers. My laugh lines were getting deeper and my lips were thinning over the past few years. After using the Dermastrips faithfully for almost two months, I’m thrilled my laugh lines are not as deep and my lips have regained some of their youthful volume. I’m going to continue using the Dermastrips to see if I can get additional improvement.” - Christina A. Jamul, CA

“My age really shows around my mouth area. I’ve tried all sorts of creams. Nothing seems to work like the Dermastrips. I can’t believe it’s this simple.” - Nicole C.

“It’s like a workout for your face. You exercise your body and Dermastrips exercise your face to keep wrinkles away. Do it regularly and you see real results!” – Jenna F. Carlsbad

“After using the Dermastrips for about a month, some of my co-workers started asking me what I was using because they notice the lined around my mouth fading. What I love most is everything in natural. No needles. No downtime.” - Robyn, Santee, CA

“After a month and a half, I can’t live without my Dermastrips! I love knowing that I’m not injecting some unknown substance into my body, yet still getting what I want.” - Marie, Miami, FL.

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