When to Graduate to AngelLift Professional

When to Graduate to AngelLift Professional

Women worldwide use AngelLift Dermastrips to fight the signs of lower facial aging, which include deepening nasolabial (laugh or smile) lines, vertical lines around the lips (smoker lines caused by smoking and pursing the lips) and marionette (or puppet) lines. The gentle pressure the Dermastrips provide replaces the pressure lost as our gums recede—which is an inevitable part of aging.

AngelLift Dermastrips, when used for the recommended 30 minutes a day for 30-60 days provide a noticeable reduction in wrinkles around the mouth and lips. Plus, they provide an increase in lip volume, since lips roll back and lose volume with age. But what about AngelLift users who want enhanced line-reduction results? That’s when AngelLift Professional come in. AngelLift Professional, found only at certified spas and salons, is the only semi-customizable beauty device that reduces lines and wrinkles around the mouth. This revolutionary lower face lifting system gives those concerned with lines around the lips and mouth even more dramatic results.

AngelLift Professional is semi-customized for each individual client, based on desired lift and lower face structure. This customized fit leads to quicker and more significant results. After adjusting the AngelLift Professional Dermastrip to increase or decrease the lift, the Dermastrip is placed inside the mouth, between lip and gums, for 30 minutes daily.

AngelLift Dermastrip pressure rejuvenates collagen that naturally breaks down over time. With regular use, skin reacts quickly and permanently to lifting beneath the surface, creating dramatically smoother, younger and tighter skin, with the added benefit of increased lip volume. When used as directed, Dermastrips are clinically tested to significantly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the mouth. To see if AngelLift Professional semi-customized Dermastrips is for you, check our website to find a certified spa or salon.

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