Will AngelLift Work For Me?

Will AngelLift Work For Me?

A common question often asked about AngelLift Dermastrips is, “Will AngelLift work for me?” As a clinically tested beauty device, yes, AngelLift will work for you. In a study done by an independent lab, AngelLift Dermastrips showed a measurable improvement in the length and depth of wrinkles around the mouth and lips at Day 30 post-treatment. The study reports “There was a directionally significant decrease in the number of wrinkles at 30 days post-treatment.”

AngelLift works for women of all ages and from all walks of life. Here’s what some of AngelLift’s customers say: “After doing a lot of research and talking to my doctor, I really understand how Dermastrips work. Just like braces, you apply pressure – do it long enough and you see the effects. I’ve been using Dermastrips for 90 days, really starting to see a big difference.” Another happy AngelLift user says, “After using the Dermastrips for about a month, some of my co-workers started asking me what I was using because they notice the lined around my mouth fading. What I love most is everything in natural. No needles. No downtime.”

However, there are certain actions to avoid and others to take in order for AngelLift to work optimally to give you the best results possible.


Eat Right – This means eating the proper number of fruits and vegetables, avoiding excess added sugar that can cause glycation (the breaking down of collagen).

Hydrate – Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day to detoxify your system and provide hydration for all of your bodily functions.

Exercise – Exercise literally exercises the skin and stimulates circulation, sending much needed blood to the skin’s surface.


Drink excess alcohol – It creates inflammation throughout the body, increasing free radical formation which leads to prematurely aging skin.

Smoke – This is obvious, but a lot of people still smoke. Not only does it deplete your skin of nutrients, but it creates small vertical lines due to regular pursing of the lips.

Drink out of straws constantly – Same thing as with smoking: straws create little, vertical lines around the upper and lower lips. Avoid straws when you can.

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