Will Facial Exercise Remove Wrinkles?

Ever wonder why you can find the exact answer to many of your web searches on several different websites, although the text or article is EXACTLY the same? Its because so many people benefit from ad income they just copy other articles. So, instead of researching their own data, most just steal article from another website. Why do I explain this, because the topic I am writing about has been so incorrectly exploited on the web, you need to know all the articles came from one person's attempt to sell an exercise book.
The truth is simple. Muscles are responsible for every wrinkle in your face, without exception. Your face is made up of several muscle groups from your hairline all the way down your neck. Muscles are extremely smart and efficient. They know exactly how to achieve their goal, with the least amount of energy, hence the term ‘muscle memory’. The greatest anti-aging breakthrough surrounding facial muscles is Botox. Like it or not, Botox is a very effective muscle paralyzer. By simply paralyzing the muscle, its resting position used for ‘muscle memory’ is forgotten, allowing the skin to relax. Once relaxed, the skin surface smooths out and the wrinkle is greatly reduced. We do not endorse or sell Botox.
On the opposite end of this spectrum is facial exercising or strengthening the muscles that surround your face. In anti-aging 'bad ideas', this ranks VERY HIGH, one step below moisturizing with oils. Increasing the very muscles that cause us to look older is not just a bad idea, it makes correcting these wrinkles even more difficult. Here is a simple example and case in point;
In 2004, Angellift began working on a removable implant for patients with facial nerve damage. Our team traveled to Asia to work with an experienced team of Japanese clinicians in Tokyo. During our research, we learned that Japanese women who had smoked, took nearly twice as long to react to the nerve treatments as women who had not smoked. This was directly related to the strength of the muscles around their mouth from smoking.
Homeopathic alternatives to many western medications are often safer and more effective than traditional treatments. However, the movement of facial exercise over anti-aging treatments is misguided and problematic to both the patient and the clinician. Each and every time you smile, frown, speak or move any portion of your face, your muscles become stronger, less placid. Exercising these muscles in hope of removing wrinkles is simply a move in the wrong direction. Facial massages, facials and relaxing techniques to loosen the muscles are highly recommended and a far better homeopathic alternative than exercise.
Just remember that the number one cosmetic treatment in the US is Botox injections. These don’t work because they make your facial muscles stronger, they work because they paralyze and weaken the muscles.

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