About AngelLift®

AngelLift® is a breakthrough face lifting technology discovered in 2014 by Dr. Brad Evans medical team. After the development of the first removable facial implant, to address the affects of Bells Palsy, Dr. Evans team had a second even bigger discovery. The removable lifting strips used to fit and measure each patient for the implant seemed to create dermal improvements.

After viewing the images of each patient using the lifting strips, it was obviously clear, the lift they created was stimulating collagen and cell growth, repairing the surface of the skin around the mouth and lips. This was the birth of AngelLift® DermaStrips, and the process of facial correction without Injection.

Today, AngelLift manufactures several award winning 'all natural' products and treatments that have been reshaping the skin care industry.

AngelLift® is the first medical group to:

  • Develop a removable facial implant
  • Develop an over-the-counter, under-the-skin face lift
  • Manufacture oil free moisturizers in solution spheres
  • Use microfibre infusion for facial cleansing
  • Utilize mucous membranes induction for collagen infusion

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